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Ah, audiobooks…

Finally! A use for my bachelor’s degree. With my trusty X1 condenser microphone, a background in sound engineering and a specially-designed studio theatre, I make audiobooks.

Busy life? Long Commute? Or do you simply want to listen to someone read you a story? I’ve got some novels recorded for you. Enjoy these “read by the author” stories. I’ve recorded them especially for you, the listener. Available at many reputable audiobook retailers. Alternatively, request your library get a copy so everyone can share.

Q: So, you narrate?

Yes. I’m a mezzo-soprano voice with a gentle, neutral American accent that lends itself wonderfully to fiction and non-fiction. Listen below for samples of my narrative work to see if I am the voice for you.

While I am an Australian by naturalisation (and awesome spelling), I was born American, thus the accent. Thanks to my heritage, I can also do an American Southern accent, if required, as a descendant of the Quesenberry Nation.

I narrate, record and work on Whadjuk/Bindjareb land. I pay my respects to the Noongar elders, past, present and emerging, in gratitude for letting me create art within this beautiful country.

SampleFurther informationListen now
The White FeatherHistorical Romance, voicings of several characters.
Ellie Loves JoshContemporary YA Fiction
An Introduction to Modern AstrophysicsScience textbook
Linux Printing in a LibraryNon-fiction magazine article

Q: “Wait. You produce audiobooks too? Can you help me turn my novels into audiobooks?” Sure. As an audiobook producer, I am available to record, edit, master and finalise an audiobook for you at professional rates. I meet ACX quality assurance standards. I can even include custom-composed or royalty-free intro/outro music. Contact me for more information about how I can help you turn your novel into an audiobook. Alternatively, you can request me by name through or

Q: “I don’t know if your voice is right for my project… (sorry!)” That’s fine. My voice won’t suit every project. But that doesn’t mean we can’t work together. If you have another narrator in mind, I can handle the editing and mastering side of the project.

Q: “I was hoping I could narrate it myself…” Of course! I specialise in “Read by the Author” projects. I’ve helped several other authors in their audiobook production journey. I sometimes teach classes on audiobooks through RWA Academy. I’m happy offer a little advice for free over email, as long as you don’t go abusing my generosity. I also offer a thirty-minute initial consultation over Zoom for a US$30 fee. Let me hear your voice.

For your first foray into the world of audiobook narration, I would most likely recommend a small project at first, just to see how you handle the process–maybe a short story or a single book chapter. Not gonna lie; recording and producing an audiobook can be a long, tedious and lonely process. It can be physically gruelling at times, spending hours in a recording booth, putting your vocal cords through quite a workout. A small project will show you if you want to commit yourself to a larger project. At best, you may find something you enjoy. At worst, you end up with a lovely little audiobook sample you can use for promotional purposes (newsletter freebie, maybe?).

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